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They Call Him Lux… Peter Lux

Peter (aka Pete) Lux is this week’s featured UNL Campus Cutie! This junior from Norfolk, Nebraska is a Fisheries and Wildlife Major who dubs himself as “happily taken and in relationship.”

Though Pete is off the market and spends most of his days with his girlfriend, you may also find him fishing or enjoying a "Taco Tuesday" in his free time. Pete admits that the first thing he notices about a girl is her smile, and that his biggest turn-off is seeing girls take selfies over and over again. He encourages girls to “enjoy life -- not pictures, and just be confident!”

 If ever on a date, you will find Pete sporting a nice pair of jeans and a button-down shirt, but he states that if it’s a “special night” he will break out his khakis.

Pete describes himself as “a little bit of Ron Swanson mixed with just the right amount of Dwight Shrute,” and he considers his best characteristic to be either his sense of humor or positive attitude, and he always aims to be caring and helpful to others.

We asked Pete what his favorite part about UNL has been thus far, “I love East Campus. That’s where the majority of my classes are. I like taking strolls around the place during the fall or spring.” After graduation, Mr. Lux is keeping it simple and hopes to have a career that he enjoys, a family that he loves and a roof over his head.

Pete also had the chance to list off some favorites. Take a look!

Favorite Movie: Hot Rod

Favorite Food: Pizza

Guilty Pleasure: Nerdy TV shows or 90s pop music

Dream Vacay: Australia or Madagascar (pretty much anywhere with cool animals and plants)

Thanks to Pete for being this week’s Campus Cutie! Watch out for the next Campus Cutie! It could be you!


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