Stock Up On Junk: Junkstock

This past weekend I traveled to the heaven of all junk sales. And yes, I did just say junk. I know what you might be thinking. Junk? Really? But yes.

At Junkstock, located in Omaha, NE, visitors are able to venture around various tents set up by dozens of vintage vendors from around the U.S. Each is filled with antiques, plants, handmade items and more. Not all of it is actually junk but, if I’m being honest, there are some items that I really question if sellers handpicked pieces out of the garbage.

Personally, I darted straight for the succulents and cacti in the back. I unregretfully spent $8.00 on some original greenery. They also have 20-30 different food trucks and stages scattered throughout the farmland. Choices range from homemade goodies, to the ever-so-fatting but oh-so-delicious funnel cakes. Pretty much any kind of food on wheels you can think of, it's probably there.

Once you’ve stuffed your face and bought 30 junk items that you think will make you look obnoxiously hipster or that you plan on DIY-ing with, head on over to the several photoshoot-ready spots on site. There's the infamous barn with tires in the shape of a peace sign that is dripping in rainbow paint, a “love shack”, old blue truck and this year a giant "5" for their five-year anniversary.

Taking a walk around in itself is enjoyable; it’s not like your average shopping mall. Downfalls of the event were that the wind was blowing about a billion miles per hour and the weather couldn’t decide if it was going to be 100 degrees or 30 degrees. If you can get past practically eating the dirt off the ground or being completely covered in it, it can be entertaining!

I attended last year during the October session and the sun was out and shining, which made it more enjoyable. Be sure to wander on over October 7th-9th, 2016 to 315 South 192nd Street, Elkhorn, NE and stock up on some junk!