Staying Together Through Distance



Personal storytime! My boyfriend graduated high school a year before me and went to Florida (1,440 miles away) to an accelerated digital art program, and he has been going to school year-round for nearly two years. The following year, I started at the in-state university. So we are going on two years with the distance and over two and a half years of our relationship. It is really tough, but if you are in a similar situation, here are some tips.



I know this sounds redundant and maybe obvious, but it is essential. This trust is truly knowing your partner will not jeopardize your relationship. People asked me if I was worried about him doing “bad stuff” since he is far away on his own. And truthfully, I never am because I absolutely know he would not. This type of trust means not constantly worrying if your partner is doing things that would ruin your relationship. It means not creeping and checking their phone like NSA agent when you are with them. It means not drilling them with accusatory questions like they are on trial. It is true that some people do cheat, and it can be hard to not be skeptical, especially if it has happened to you before. But if it is the right relationship that will last, both of you will know that the other is not going to jeopardize the relationship.



It is important to talk to your significant other, especially if you cannot see each other every day. Video calling has been life-saving for us. With social media and technology, it is easy to talk to far away loved ones. You don’t have to pull a Pam and Jim and get bluetooths to talk constantly, but a phone or video call at the end of the day does wonders. Communication involves being honest with each other. If you have a ton of homework or other work, be honest and say that you are going to be busy. It will save your partner from a lot of worries.


Be Romantic:

It is easier to be romantic when you can see each other every day, but it is still very possible to be romantic in busy or distance relationships. Sending care packages and letters are a really romantic surprise (I nearly cried when I was surprised with flowers and chocolate on my birthday, but I am also a sucker). Romance is heightened when you finally get to see each other after weeks or months of not being able to, so plan new dates when one of you visits the other. Or better yet, make your visit a surprise; that is like chick flick level romance.


Be Supportive:

It will not be easy for either of you. Each of you will have rough days. It is important to be supportive and loving on these rough days when school, work, and being away from each other is overwhelming. Remind each other of why you are going through the stress of school even if it means the distance. Remind each other that school and long-distance is not forever.


Distance relationships in college are no doubt difficult. But the right ones will make it through. My boyfriend graduates in June, and then all of the time and effort will be worth it. Your relationship is worth it too. You just have to put in the effort and love. This advice is not only for some tips but also to give you faith that you two will make it through the time and distance.