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Spray Away Yesterday with Psssst!

In our most recent Her Campus Survival Kit that was delivered to our UNL chapter, we were graced with a surplus of Psssst! dry shampoo samples. It’s like Christmas came early for me! I’m absolutely in love with Psssst! dry shampoo

My obsession stems mainly from my naturally straight, oily hair. While I’m blessed with soft and glossy hair, I’m subjected to having to spend the extra time in the shower shampooing and repeating–so annoying. Psssst! is the only brand of dry shampoo that I’ve found doesn’t leave a gross residue and actually takes the oil out of my oil-prone locks. 

Not only does it keep my hair looking fresh and volumized, it also smells great. I love the samples we received this month because of their tropical scented–perfect for spring break! They’re super handy for break because you can toss them in your carry on to top airplane hair (it’s a thing) in its tracks. If it’s particularly hot and humid where you’re going (sweat is not a straight-haired girl’s best friend), this is a must to carry around with you. It’s nice because it cleans up the moisture in your hair and volumizes it. 

That’s also why I love it so much. Because I have naturally straight hair, it’s hard for me to get even the tiniest bit of volume! Dry shampoo is my savior for nights out on the town. I spray a little in my hair to get the volume I want and then I lock it in with a hairspray! 

If you have straight, oily, flat hair and you haven’t tried Psssst!, you absolutely need to! 

Photo: Courtesy of https://www.freemanbeauty.com/products/psssst

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Co-president of the UNL Her Campus chapter
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