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Softball Player Kiki Stokes

Kiki Stokes, Freshman

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Special Needs


HC: Why did you decide to come to UNL to play softball?

Kiki: I decided to come to UNL to play softball because Nebraska honestly felt like home, my coaches and teammates are like my second family, and the community is all one big family and they support their Huskers very well! 

HC: How long have you been playing softball?

Kiki: I have been playing softball since I was in Kindergarten, but I never started playing seriously and competitively until I was in 3rd grade.

HC: What made you decide that you wanted to continue with softball during college?

Kiki: I knew that I wanted to continue playing softball in college ever since I was in 5th grade there was always girls I watched growing up and I always told myself that I wanted to be like them and so I knew that I would have to work hard and I could be right where they were!

HC: How has been the change from Kansas to Nebraska? What has been easy and what has been hard?

Kiki: The change from my hometown which is Olathe, Kansas to Lincoln has been the best transformation ever, both towns are very similar in size but I think the easiest part about moving to Nebraska was knowing that I would have people that I could turn to if anything were to ever happen but the hardest part was definitely leaving my family, I have always been a very family oriented girl so leaving behind my Mom, Dad, Sister, and Brother was kind of hard. 

HC: Do you have any good stories about your team?

Kiki: The best memory that I have had with my team this season would be beating Number 1 Oklahoma, just beacuse it was such a big accomplishment because they took 2nd in the Women’s College World Series last year, and it’s always cool being an underdog and coming out on top! 

HC: What are your plans for summer? Will softball take a toll on your free time? 

Kiki: My plans for the summer will be staying in Lincoln for the first 5 week summer school session and practicing, lifting, and conditioning for softball every day until I am done with summer school, and hopefully after that get to go home and see my family but still work out! 

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