Snapshot: Carlen Glenn

Have you ever met someone that always seems to look put together? Their outfit, stride, and demeanor gives the impression that they have just figured out life regardless of what the actual state of their life may be like. However jealous you are of that they have found some way of going through life being effortlessly cool it’s impossible to dislike them. Carleen Glenn is one of these people.

By looking at her Instagram (@carleenelizabeth) sophomore Carleen Glenn showcases her love of art, creativity, cats, and most of all fashion. When asked about her own personal style she said

“I like to break the gender binary with my style. I have really strong facial features, and that used to make me self conscious because I was afraid I didn't look feminine enough, but since I've been in college I've loved playing around with masculine and feminine looks. I love wearing dresses when I get the chance, but I also really enjoy throwing my hair up in a beanie and wearing a band t-shirt and some tennis shoes”.

When asked what she would wear to meet her idol in, Glenn responded with

“I would probably wear a button up denim shirt with a pullover sweater, skinny jeans, and some chelsea boots. That's just kind of my go-to look to be comfortable and presentable and confident.”