Slack: An Organized Group Messaging Alternative

If you are involved in basically anything on campus, you’ve probably been forced to download the app “GroupMe”. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the app, but dozens of different groups sending random messages that don’t necessarily apply to you can get exhausting and, quite frankly, annoying.

Slack is a great alternative to GroupMe if you’re looking for a more in-depth and organized version to have for one specific group you are rather excited about. I’m involved with a group on campus called Camp Kesem, and we use Slack for all of our communications. We have one general chat, one random chat, and each smaller group (we call them “coordinator teams”) has their own separate chat, which anyone is able to request to join if they need to work with another group.

This app works perfectly with phones or computers, which makes it a great resource to use during your group’s actual meeting time! It’s so easy to bounce ideas around and collaborate with each other, all while keeping everything organized and running smoothly.

Slack works differently than most other group chat apps in that it has helpful features to keep the group organized. You can add calendar events right into the chat, pin important messages, reply to other messages, and even add your own individual “reactions” to each message.

If you’re in a leadership position on campus and are looking for a way to coordinate meetings and events, give Slack a try!