A Simple Way to Participate in the Sustainable Fashion Movement

Every year is filled with notable fashion trends and must have items. This year's new craze, sparked from all around coolest chick on planet Earth, Emma Watson, is a style that will never be unfashionable. Sustainable fashion is a huge movement this year, and it looks at the purchasing of clothes from a whole new angle. I know when I shop I rarely look at where pieces are made or even care about their manufacturing process at all. 

Well, that has started to change, and you should be aware too. There are so many ways to take part in this trend that doesn't require spending a whole bunch of dough. For instance, thrifting at second-hand clothing stores or vintage boutiques is a great way to participate in this movement. There are great stores around Lincoln and Omaha that have fantastic second-hand pieces. My all-time favorite place to shop in Omaha is Scout in Dundee. This place is similar to The Black Market in Lincoln but has a larger selection of modern and vintage pieces, although both stores are fabulous. 

So, if you are ever bored and feel like going on a shopping adventure, I totally recommend driving up to Scout to see what hidden gems you can get your hands on. Not only will you have a great time shopping, but you will also be casually saving the planet.