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Potential Roommates Turned Sisters

During the middle to end of senior year and the upcoming summer it is common for high school seniors to undergo the task of looking for a roommate. Usually people pick roommates due to common interests and beliefs.

Emily Nappi, 18, of San Francisco, and Mikayla Stern-Ellis, 19, of San Diego will both be freshmen at Tulane University in the fall. When they took a roommate survey, they found out they had multiple things in common, including loving the art of theater and having lesbian parents.

After some conversation, deciding to become roommates didn’t work out but they kept in touch via social networking.

On Father’s Day, Stern-Ellis posted a Facebook status thanking her Colombian sperm donor father for her X chromosome. Coincidentally, Nappi also has a sperm donor father from Colombia and messaged Stern-Ellis to tell her.

The girls joked around about being sisters but over a few weeks they really pondered whether or not they were related. They both asked their mothers to find their sperm donor numbers so they could compare them. Once they received the results, they found out they were sisters.

Stern-Ellis said, “Everything you don’t see in our moms you see in us.”

The girls are now learning more about themselves and spending more time together. Nappi even said, “There’s something so familiar in her face when I look at her.”

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