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Oar Inspiring: Campus Celebrity Alex Ficke

Looking for someone to get you motivated to do the things you love? Meet our campus celebrity of the week, Alex Ficke. Alex is a member and the president of the Crew Club on campus. If you’re not well versed in sport slang, crew is the challenging sport known as rowing. Alex is majoring in Spanish, German, and Art but she devotes her free time to something she quickly became passionate about. “I started my freshman year – I knew before going to college that I at least wanted to try it,” Alex says, who is now in her fourth year of being on the team.

If you’re anything like me you’re probably wondering what exactly being on the Crew team means. Early practices (we’re talking really early – like 4:30 am) and hard physical and mental workouts pay off. Alex’s favorite part about rowing is: 

“being in a boat and getting that moment where everyone is in sync …where everyone’s technique balances each others out…the boat is level, [the team is] going, and you can just hear the clicking of the oar locks… and even though you’re working hard and you’re pulling, it’s peaceful. The fact that I can push myself so far physically, because it is very demanding, is really fulfilling.”

For anyone looking to join the Crew Club, Alex encourages you to “come try it out, and don’t be scared of early morning practices.” Alex is definitely a collegiette go-getter if I’ve ever seen one, and a good reminder to find something we are passionate about and to stick with it – no matter the circumstances. Keep your eye out for the Crew Club – they’ll be selling winter alpaca items at the Union Plaza as a fundraiser and will be competing in a regatta in Omaha next spring.  


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