Not Your Mama's Jeans

I don’t have to tell anyone that distressed jeans have been in trend for awhile now. In fact, as the trend becomes more mainstream, it’s gone from your mother asking “you need money to patch the holes up in your pants?” to your mother buying the same pair of jeans (this really happened to me). 

But if you are anything like me, you’re not ready to give up your distressed jeans. So, here is how some UNL students are rocking this trend. 

Maddi McFarland, a junior Fashion Design Major, switches it up with backside distressing. The great thing about this trend is that you actually don’t have to go out and by a new pair of jeans. By distressing your own pair favorite boyfriend jeans, you are not limited. 

Don’t rule out denim as a way to express your personality. Maddi completes this casual look with a button down and sandals. This look is edgy but still comfortable to wear all day on campus.  

But, of course if D.I.Y. projects, aren’t your thing, here are a couple of places you can still get the fresh distressed jean look: Missguided, SoSorella and OutfitMade.

Now you have no excuse to no shake it up with you old favorite pair of jeans, or even find a new favorite pair.