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Not Just Another Thriller: “Get Out” Movie Review

Per my boyfriend’s birthday request, last weekend I was dragged along to the recently released movie, “Get Out” directed by Jordan Peele. I have never been a fan of thrillers, horror films, scary movies; you name it – I always opt for rom coms and old classics instead. But, since it was his birthday I decided to step out of my comfort zone.

The theater was packed on opening night, with practically every seat filled. I watched the trailer for the movie beforehand, and although it looked pretty dang scary, I had to admit the storyline was intriguing. Rotten Tomatoes even gave it a 99% rating on their “Tomatometer” meaning that 159/160 critics liked it. It’s also currently the top grossing box office movie, racking up $33.4 million so far.

The movie starts off pretty harmlessly, as an interracial couple, Rose and Chris, set off on their way to meet Rose’s family. Rose comes from an affluent white family, her dad a neurosurgeon and her mom a psychiatrist/hypnotist. Although Rose’s family seems welcoming at first, Chris notes how it’s a little off that the family has two black servants.

The first glimpse of “weirdness” we see comes from Rose’s mom. She lures Chris into being hypnotized, claiming that she can erase his urge to smoke cigarettes with just one session. This, however, was the beginning of some very strange things. Like, creepy, never-would-have-guessed it type of things.

I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for you, but I will say this – seeing this movie in theaters it definitely worth the steep theater prices. It’s not just a thriller. It’s a psychological, mind boggling, power dynamic film that is much, much more than just another scary movie. For once, my boyfriend was right about something. 

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