New Must Watch Series: The Crown

If you have recently traveled abroad to London, have a deep interest in the English Monarchy, have ever wanted to be royal or just love history, then you need to watch Netflix’s newest TV series: The Crown.

The Crown is full of big decisions, British accents, old cars, and stunning vintage clothing. The series beautifully magnifies the struggles of Queen Elizabeth II’s transition into Queen-hood at the young age of 25. It also lets people see into the private lives of many other important figures such as her father, parliament and the prime minister.

This is one of our only chances to view the powerful monarchy from an intimate setting and you must take this opportunity to binge watch the first ten episodes. We get to see how the royals get dressed, eat, travel, think, and most importantly how they make decisions. Filmed mainly in a replica of Buckingham Palace, you automatically think that the actual Palace was spewing information all about their meetings, dinner parties and secrets that lurk around the halls. I’ve never set foot in the palace but I can imagine it is just as beautiful as Peter Morgan, the creator, makes it out to be. This show may play up some details in the lives of the royals but the greatest part is that it allows you to get lost in the whimsical storytelling, not every factual thing said.

The first season focuses mainly on Queen Elizabeth and her Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. The first episode, Queen Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh, will instantly hook you if you have any romantic or fanciful bone in your body.

As the series goes on you will start to develop a lot of empathy for the characters and let me warn you: you will probably cry at least twice. You will start to see who the royals really are and how their experiences have shaped them into the people they are. Regardless of always trying to follow the rules, there is a side to the characters that is willing to try and bend the rules, which in turn shapes them into who they are. The storytelling is so detailed that you will start to feel as if they are not royal at all, just regular human beings experiencing the same things we do. But, once you stop seeing the lavish jewels, the bowing and the impeccable parties you snap right back into reality where your greatest royal event is your family's Christmas party. 

Here is a big shout to you, Claire Foy. May you continue to make us love Queen Elizabeth II and make women feel incredibly powerful and confident. Remember, we are all queens.