In Need of a New Netflix Binge?

As finals week is rapidly approaching, I have been in need for some lighthearted shows that take little focus to follow and leave me feeling generally happy. Here are some of my current favorites.


1. New Girl – FYI this hilarious show just added its sixth season to Netflix! This is big news in my opinion because I have missed the light, heartwarming comedy that this show brings to the table. Also, the Elementary Education major in me really relates to Jess. ;) 




2. That 70’s Show – This is an oldie, but a goodie. I remember my older sister watching this show when she was in high school, and I didn’t understand what she thought was so funny about it. Now I get it! I promise that you will become fully invested in the relationships in this show while constantly laughing at the slap-stick humor.




3. Hart of Dixie – Now this show is cheesy. It follows a New York doctor’s journey to the roots of a tiny town in Alabama. There is relationship drama, occasional chaos, and lots of laughs. It will suck you in! Another very cool aspect of this show is that many country artists and bands will perform live on the show, so the soundtrack is very awesome!




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