My Best Friend's Obsession with Laptop Sticky Notes

As I was sitting in the study room with my best friend bouncing ideas for our next chapter meeting there was one thing I kept hearing over and over again: “Hold on, let me make a sticky note.”

I have never met another person who relies so heavily on laptop sticky notes to keep themselves organized. Most people have neat planners, marker board calendars, a google calendar or the calendar app on their phone, but no my best friend uses sticky notes.

I’m not saying her organization technique is bad because she’s definitely more organized than I am, but I tried the sticky note thing and I just forget they exist.

If you’re someone who would like to try using sticky notes or already uses them and you would like to be more successful than me, the sticky note master herself has some tips for you.

1. Label your sticky notes

This will help you find what you’re looking for right away

2. Update and clean them up often

Make sure you don’t have unnecessary sticky notes cluttering up your screen and keeping you from finding what you need. It’s easier to stay on track and on time if you keep your stickies organized.

3.  Write ideas and information down right away

Nothing is worse than having a big idea and forgetting it by the time you get the chance to write it down. Any number of things can make you forget important. Walking through doors, hearing a good song on the radio, bumping into someone, etc. I may have to give the sticky note idea a second chance. After all, it works very well for her.

If you have any tips on how to maximize your sticky notes’ potential or if you want to share how you keep organized DM me on Twitter and I’d love to add your ideas to this article!!