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Meryl Davis and Charlie White: One Step Closer to Olympic Gold

With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in full swing, millions of viewers are rooting on the United States’ athletes. Meryl Davis and Charlie White make up one of the ice dancing couples for the US. They have been skating together since 1997 which is longer than any other US ice dancing couple. The pair holds numerous titles and finished with a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics.  So far they have helped the US team win a bronze medal in the team skating event and are sitting in first place after their short program which scored a world record of 78.89 points. If they can keep their lead, Davis and White will be the first US couple to win an olympic gold in ice dancing.  HC-UNL is continuing to cheer them on and we can’t wait for the final results!

Photo Credit: www.businessweek.com

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