Meet the Writers: Kelsey Hansen

Kelsey Hansen is a new writer to our Her Campus #squad this semester. Here are all the important facts you should know about her. I’m her twin who already knows way too much about her. Now all of you can get to know her too! She is not really that bad…

Full Name: Kelsey Christine Hansen

Major: Advertising and PR

Minor: Spanish and Communication Studies

What are your interests in life?

“I love art and design in general. When I’m on vacation I always love to try and check out the local art museum. I also like to go the movies. You’ll see me there for any blockbuster or a movie around a fandom such as Marvel. When it comes to day to day interests I love watching cartoons and checking out fashion blogs. If I’m bored, you can probably find me wandering around the Haymarket, It’s definitely my favorite place in Lincoln.”

Favorite Netflix series and why?

“I’m not a mega Netflix person but my favorite series on there is most definitely “The Crown.” It was made beautifully and had wonderful acting. Added bonus: Matt Smith.”

Dream Concert?

“I’m going to see Coldplay this August which will be amazing and probably the best night of my life. But my all-time dream concert would be to see The Killers perform in their hometown of Las Vegas. That would blow my mind.”

Style Inspos?

“If Dakota Johnson and Jay Leno had a style baby, that would be me. I love Dakota’s edgy style and I have a lot of denim in my wardrobe. The Canadian Tuxedo is my go- to clutch.”

Reason for joining Her Campus?

“I was honestly a little jealous of my sister who was having a blast being a part of it. I wanted to get in on the fun. Also I enjoy writing, so it is nice to take a break from the chaos of life and write an article once in a while about things I enjoy.”