Little Alchemy

As an engineering major, making things has always been one of my passions, especially making things from elements and whatnot. In real life, there is the issue of safety and resources. However, games have come to the rescue to appeal and mostly satisfy my desire to create. Developed by Jakub Kozoil, Little Alchemy is the best game for this, and the best study break game around.


This game combines puzzle, basic knowledge, and some humor. It is easy to play during study breaks while still engaging your mind. Since it is simply online, you can easy load it up and play for a few minutes or a few hours. Little Alchemy also saves automatically to a specific browser. Even if you use Chrome logged into your Google account on another computer, it will start a new game. However, using that same browser on your computer loads up your game. This is nice for me, since I have a game going on my laptop and one on my work computer. You can login, though, and create an account to only have one game wherever you go. There are countless ways to combine things to create new items. Most items have at least two ways to get to them if not more. 


Little Alchemy currently has 580 items to discover. You start with air, water, fire, and earth. From these four, you can make nearly anything you could think of. From silly combinations like a chicken and bone to get a chicken wing to simple combinations like two trees to make a forest, there are so many possibilities.


Little Alchemy II has 720 items to discover. With new art and background, this game holds the heart of the original, with all new encyclopedia feature. The encyclopedia allows players to see what they have discovered and gain insight into what is left to discover.



Both versions are fantastic and a great way to give your mind a fun break. Completely free with hours of entertainment, Little Alchemy is the best online game to pass time during a study break.