Kiehl's: The Skincare Brand Worth Investing In

Skincare this, skincare that. It seems like we are constantly bombarded with multiple new brands and new skincare products to try on the daily. I've personally struggled with skincare ever since I got my first zit in middle school. I never found anything I fell in love with. Some things worked alright, some things I tried were awful, and some were a big waste of money. I have combination skin, oily some places and dry in others, that is very sensitive and acne-prone. I had basically given up on my search for the perfect skincare products until a few months ago when one of my co-workers introduced me to a brand I had never heard of: Kiehl's. 

I work at Von Maur, a department store, and our store just recently started carrying Kiehl's Products. After I finished my shift one day I decided I might as well walk over and get some free samples at the least. I ended up staying for an hour and getting a complimentary facial, including a skin dehydration test. My skin was way over dehydrated - who knew! I was sent home with some samples and a fresh face.

It took me a grand total of 48 hours to get hooked on the Kiehl's products. My skin improved more than I had ever seen it improve over the past five years in a matter of two days. Kiehl's originally started as an old-world apothecary in 1851, so they have been around forever and definitely know what they are doing. Now that I was hooked, it was time to make an investment in my skincare routine. Kiehl's seems expensive - really, really expensive - at first. I could not believe I had spent so much money on things for my face. But they are large sizes so they last a while, and the quality is unbeatable. Plus, they actually work.  I used to feel so embarrassed to be around anyone without makeup. Now, I opt for a makeup free face when I can. 

Keep reading for a list of the Kiehl's products to try out first! (All photos courtesy of

Investment #1: Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash, $29

This face wash is like no other face wash. I'm serious. It comes out of the bottle as a gel, but then turns into a rich foam lather when you rub it on your face. What I love most about this face wash is that it is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but it still removes all the gross makeup and residue from the day. It has helped tone down the oiliness of my skin, too.

Investment #2: Daily Defense & Nightly Repair, $46 for both

Yes, these are concentrated oils you put on your face. I was reluctant about these too. But they work miracles. The Daily Reviving Concentrate is applied in the morning, which helps wake my skin up and give it a dewy type of glow. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is applied before you go to bed. It has a great lavender scent that helps put me to sleep. This concentrate works overnight to completely repair everything your skin has gone through during the day. My skin looks so great in the morning I don't even want to put makeup on!

Investment #3: Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 25, $19.50

I used to get cold sores at least once a month during the winter. I haven't gotten any this year and it may very well be because of these tinted lip balms. They come in a variety of shades, but my favorite is the Touch of Berry. It's formulated with SPF 25 to protect lips from the sun (who wants wrinkly lips when they are older?) and is all natural coconut oil - no nasty petroleum. 

Investment #4: Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Soothing Mask, $32 

This might just be my favorite Kiehl's product. It's an overnight mask, so you don't have to set a timer and wait around for it to be done. Just put it on and rub it in before bed, then wake up the next morning with skin that is plumped and radiant. All my undereye circles are gone, my skin is super soft, and I feel like a million bucks. I use it every other day to keep my face moisturized and happy. It even seems to calm down my blemishes. It must be something in the cilantro!

I won't let myself get too carried away and leave it here for now. Kiehl's has so many different products for all skin types. I encourage you to stop by Von Maur to get some samples or order a couple products online. If you're truly looking to make a change in your skin, this is product line you've been searching for. Here's to healthy, radiant skin!