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Jillanna Scanlan: Husker High Jumper

Meet Jillanna Scanlan. Jill is a junior, communication studies major with some serious “ups.” This will be her third year as a high jumper for the Husker track and field team. She stands at about 6 foot tall and her collegiate personal record for high jump is 5’8.5”. This means that she could jump over celebrity, Rihanna! (RiRi better stay under her umbrella!) Keep reading to find out more about Jill’s impressive athletic career.

Other Activities: Track and Field Ambassador and Life Skills Member

When and why did you start track?
I started track as a 7th grader not really thinking it would turn into much. I did it mainly because my friends were there.

What state medals did you receive during your high school career?
I won 2 medals in triple jump and 3 in high jump. I also won the all-class gold medal for high jump my senior year.

When did you get recognized by UNL?
I received a track and field scholarship my senior year.

What is your collegiate Personal Record?
5’8 ½”

Have you won any cool awards in college track and field?
The husker women won the big 12 championship and the big 10 team championship. Individually I placed 6th at both of these indoor meets.

What is your favorite part about doing track at UNL?
My favorite part about track is my team. They are like my family and everyone looks out for one another.

What are your goals for this year?
I want to set a new personal record and make nationals. I also want to win the big 10 championship.

When are the outdoor and indoor track and field seasons?
Indoor season starts in January and ends in March. Outdoor season starts in March and ends in June.

What team is UNL’s biggest rivalry in track and field?
Ohio State.

What does your diet consist of while you are in season? What food do you miss the most?
I’m not really on a strict diet. I just try to eat in moderation.

What do you want to do once you graduate?
I want to be a sales rep.

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