Jake Miller's Based on a True Story

Jake Miller has done it again. His newly released album, Based on a True Story, is a hit. Miller even got into the top 3 pop album chart on the first day of release. Singles, Skinnydip, Nikes, and Wait for You are all amazing on their own, but this album as a whole is a spectacular ride from first to last song.



Miller recommends listening to this song in your bed with the lights off. Drawing from the nostalgia he feels from how life was very different for him when he was 15, this song explores lots of themes of the freedom and carelessness of youth. This is being heralded as Jake Miller's best song to date and this title is well deserved.



This song is for anyone who is reluctant to let go of a great relationship. Holding onto any memento of a relationship/friendship to remind you of that person and knowing that they don’t have anything to remind them as they likely don’t think much about the past relationship. The memento is a reflection of how Miller in the song cannot move on from what he knew was a good relationship.



Miller's first single off the album. This song has one of the best music videos he has ever done. The catchy chorus and killer beat make it a great radio hit, as it has been winning many Radio Disney and SiriusXM contests for radio play. Miller captures the appropriate distance many have to take with a crush, but also the yearning to be with them. He captures many hearts with this song.



The most upbeat song on the album, London Lights is definitely my favorite. The snaps in the background make me wish I could snap. The cute lyrics detailing a fun night with a new date give a very hopeful vibe. Miller has recently written a lot about his breakup with his girlfriend of over 8 years back in 2017, but his few scattered love songs in recent albums bring back that sweet part of him that captured so many back in 2013. It's very hard not to move to this song.



Saxophone solos, anyone? The other very upbeat song on the album, Miller definitely experiments with sounds for this song. The jazzy tones make it very different from Miller's previous songs, yet still has his sound underneath it. This song is very experimental for the artist and I think Miller hit it on the mark.



This one is the most emotional song on the album. Miller has described it as realizing someone won’t always be in your back pocket. It's realizing someone can move on and find someone else. The live choir in this song make it hit hard. Even the most amicable breakups can result in a melancholy about them moving on without you.



Miller's best album to date, Based on a True Story really captures all the ways Miller has grown as a person and an artist. One day my boy will be at the Grammy's and people will be saying "Hey, aren’t you that rapper who sings a thousand lives?". Stream BOATS (killer acronym) on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon music, and YouTube.