It's Taurus Season!

It is finally here. The best zodiac season of the year. From April 20th to May 20th, it is the time of the bull. One of the Earth signs, the Taurus is characterized as being stubborn, practical, and very luxurious. The Taurus loves stability and following their passions.


This season marks a time of personal enjoyment for the Taurus. The Taurus loves excess and indulgence. Much like Tom of Parks and Rec's special "Treat yo' self" day, the Taurus loves to be lavish during their birthday time (as well as all the time). This wonderful time of year means good food, spa days, good food, new things, good food, relaxation, and, of course, good food. The Taurus feels the best reaping the rewards of what they sow. All year they have been working hard on their goals and now is a time of kicking back, showing off, and having fun. This is a time of indulgence after so much diligence.


Everyone celebrates their own season differently, and the Taurus will be living it up these few weeks. So, you can either join us or at least buy us food.


So, go out there a work on your dreams while having the time of your life! Happy Taurus season!