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How We Survived these Last Dreadful Weeks! Thanks to Her Campus and More!

Her Campus Nationals was kind enough to help us through finals week. Our Collegiettes enjoyed all the perks of being a member and we even were able to share our gifts with other University of Nebraska – Lincoln students!

1.    The Timeline Project

Collegiette Melissa loves her new book from the Timeline Project, specifically this quote:

2.     Luna Bars

The peppermint chocolate was the perfect treat to eat on a study break. It reminded us of how close Christmas was and that only motivated us to keep shining!

3.     Tresemme Hair Spray

With snow pouring in and finals pouring even harder, Treseme was kind enough to keep the fly-a-ways in tact. Keep looking fab no matter how tired you may be, as we like to say!

4.     Cold-Eeze

Speaking of tiredness, colds seem to be in season. UNL students seemed to be excited at our booth for these cool little medicine packets. These were the perfect remedy. We were able to giveaway some of our extra items from the last survival kit from the famous undergarments from Affinitas. We would also like to thank Chipotle, Kettle Brand, Baublebar, and Cosabella.

Much love from the Her Campus UNL staff to Nationals for all the goodies!

HCxo, Editor-in-Chief Maggie Cazarez


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