How to Rock the Velvet Trend

Any word that can double as a lux fabric and cake wins in my book. Although red velvet cake is a reason in itself to live, I am going to be discussing the fabric this time around. Velvet. Just the word sounds amazing. It’s most definitely a hot trend this year with more styles coming out as the holiday season approaches. Velvet can be a tricky trend to master because even with the gorgeous fabric, going overboard can make it look tacky and cheap. I think the best way to tackle and conquer this trend is to keep it simple. Just make the velvet the center point and keep the rest of the outfit neat with classic pieces. I have whipped up a couple outfits below for style inspiration. I hope one of these ensembles persuades you to slay this trend.

This first outfit features a gorgeous pink velvet blazer that you can find at J.CREW. I paired this vivid piece with a pair of casual ripped jeans, and a simple mock-neck tank. Throw on a pair of nice sneakers or flats and boom you are instantly chic.

Next I decided to change the focal point to the shoes. Velvet shoes and especially boots are everywhere this season. Pair them with a cute skirt and any simple patterned shirt of your choice. This keeps the focus on your shoes so the outfit is not overwhelming with details.

If accent pieces of velvet just aren't enough for you, don’t worry. I got you. This outfit features a full on velvet dress from TOPSHOP. Then all you need is a classic completer piece and a cute pair of booties you are set to impress.