How to Make That Summer Side Hustle

Summer is coming right around the corner. It’s so close, I can almost taste the sweet freedom from school and other obligations. For some, the summer is prime-time work time to build that savings for a trip, to study abroad, or whatever else. For others, picking up random jobs here or there is the key to making extra money. Whatever your reason for needing to make some extra dough this summer, here are some tools to help you out.


Are you OBSESSED, and I mean obsessed, with dogs? Oh yes, then this is perfect for you. Rover is an app/website that helps connect dog caregivers with dog owners. You can book everything from a housing a dog while their owner is out of town, or just dropping in one day to take them for a quick walk. The app makes it so easy to communicate with owners and has a seamless pay system.


Journalism majors: or anyone with a phone for that matter. Is your Insta game strong? Is it not strong? It doesn’t matter! Fresco is a new app that give anyone with the ability to record video or take photos not matter what device you use (phone, DSLR, digital camera) to record newsworthy events around you and sell them to local stations. The great thing about Fresco is that even if a news organization doesn’t buy your photos, you still get reimbursed for your travel ($40!).


This app is literally for everyone. It’s basically a survey service. You basically see what surveys are currently available and you answer a short questionnaire. If the company decides you’re a good fit for the rest of the survey, then you are accepted and they pay you whatever their reimbursement rate is when you finish directly into your Paypal account! Sometimes it’s a hit or miss, but actually super easy to do instead of scrolling through Instagram.