Good Riddance, January!

  1. BRR. At least those of you living in a climate similar to that of Nebraska’s will understand the pure miserableness of never being able to feel your toes. You are constantly planning on how many layers you can fit under your puffy coat.
  2. It’s infection station. I’d bet you money that you’ll get some sort of sickness. Since the cold weather makes our immune systems more susceptible to illness, this is germs’ favorite time of year! Bundle up and take your vitamins!!
  3. Everything could possibly get canceled. The weather in January is so unpredictable. Chances are everything that you don’t want to get canceled will, and everything you want to get canceled won’t.
  4. Good footwear is hard to find especially in this month. The snow keeps piling on more snow except for when you have to walk through the melted muck. Especially when you’re walking on campus, you need to have some sort of winter boot. While this type of shoe is vital, that doesn’t mean they come cheap!
  5. The only majorly celebrated holiday was basically celebrated the night before this month even starts! It’s hard to get through the month with nothing to celebrate!

Clearly, January makes me cold and a little bitter (haha)! Let’s just say I always look forward to February 1st, and am happy to say “good riddance” to the Monday of the months!