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Girls Doing Great Things: UNL’s Love Your Melon Campus Crew

As the weather gets chillier on campus you’ve maybe noticed girls rocking brightly colored beanies with rustic brown patches.  Not only are these beanies cute, they also help combat childhood cancer, one purchase at a time. These special hats are from the brand Love Your Melon, and you may be surprised to know that UNL has our very own campus crew that helps promote the brand and raises awareness of childhood cancer through various events.

These group of girls help bring smiles to children’s faces and raise money for cancer research through beanie donations, volleyball tournaments, volunteering, raffles, and more!  They even travel to children’s hospitals to pass out beanies for the kids, as well as host parties for holidays such as Christmas, all for the children to enjoy.

“I hold this organization close to my heart as cancer is something that has not only affected me but even some of the girls in our crew,” said Madi Gilmartin, President of the UNL Love Your Melon Campus Crew, “It’s a very unique experience to be so hands on and see the impact that you are making in a child’s life.”

The crew has a cyber event Monday, December 4th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. where they are encouraging people to go to their site and use their “Create a Smile” feature and send positive messages to children battling cancer in hopes of making as many kids as possible smile.  The link for the “Create a Smile” feature is below.


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