Friday Night Concert Lights

“You wanna know something Omaha?,” Taylor sang out to the sea of fans at Friday nights concert. The crowd responds in unison with screams and cheers back towards the pop-star awaiting as she awaited their approval. “We wanted to stay here, in Omaha, twice. We wanted to stay in Omaha for two nights because every time I come here,” she pauses, “Every time I come here, you guys  make it so special. You guys make me feel so special and that is why we keep coming back here. Because you guys care and that is what makes it all worth while.” 


Taylor Swift has been taking ahold of the world since her first single "Tear Drops On My Guitar" became a number one hit single in 2006. It’s been nearly 10 years since she has taken the world by storm and she has never looked back. 


One thing that you can always count on at Taylor Swift concert is a show. She enchants and captivates the audience with her costumes and performances because to her a concert isn’t just a place to go and sing; it’s a place you go to make the song come to life.


The opening scene started pitch black, nobody could see anything happening on stage. When people first sat down before the concert truly began, there were bracelets taped to the seats. At first nobody understood the point of the bracelets until the music started playing and the bracelets all lit up together. Then you hear Taylor begin to sing and for a few moments the sound is decimating as fans scream their love, start to cry or belt out the lyrics with her. 


Although majority of her concert was filled with her singles from "1989", Taylor did manage to surprise with a few throwbacks such as, "Fifteen", "I Knew You Were Trouble", and "Enchanted" from her earlier albums. 


Though the night didn’t have any special guests like a few of her other concerts did, Taylor still managed to make the night as magical as she possibly could. She even added a little rock and roll into "I Knew You Were Trouble" and maybe even a little sex? 


One thing that took me by surprise was the amount of half naked men I saw dripping in sweat and carrying around canes and whips during "Blank Space". Definitely not what I was expecting at a Taylor Swift concert but it definitely reminded me of how much older she is getting. 


Regardless if you’re a Taylor Swift fan or not, her concerts are some of the most enjoyable concerts I have ever been to. I appreciate her confidence and respect for women and all animals and how much she loves her fans.