Four Ways Seniors and Freshman are Similar

Freshman year is full of new experiences, an overload of information, and so much free stuff. The world as a freshman is very different than a senior. Senior year is full of wisdom, freak-outs about graduation, and trying to find all the free food. However, there are some ways in which freshman and seniors can be very similar, if not for different reasons.

  1. 1. Freshman/Senior Walk

    Getting to class early to make sure you know where it is, get a seat, and avoid looking like a fool is imperative for most freshman. Therefore, many are easy to spot speed walking across campus with their backpacks full. However, another going at a brisk pace might be a senior. In small, specialized classes the best seats are few and teachers learn your face and name quickly. Getting to class early means you aren't stuck in the back row with a professor who talks in a whisper and maintains eye contact if you walk in late. The quick walk is also likely because the senior slept in late. They're backpack is likely also full since they are not giving up their spot in the garage.

  2. 2. Free Shirts

    There are so many events for free things on campus almost every day. Lots of the early ones are geared towards freshman, but I always show up if there is free food or free shirts. Lots of freshman can be spotted wearing the free shirts they get because laundry is hard, or they want to show some school pride. Seniors are also likely walking around in free shirts, but many have older shirts. This can show how long many have been on campus and promote the organizations they have continued to be involved in. There can be quite a story in the shirts a senior wears. But, like the freshman, they didn't pay anything for them (except ridiculous student fees).

  3. 3. Textbook Receipts

    Lots of freshman have no real idea about Amazon, Chegg, or textbook swaps. Some universities also make students get special university edition of books. This means plenty of freshman have dumped 200-400 bucks into textbooks for one semester. Later on, many learn about the cheaper ways of getting books. However, once you reach senior year, your receipt might be the same. Small, specialized classes require rare or professor-written books. This makes university bookstore prices nearly identical if not even better than Amazon prices. And the books written by the professors could be just given to you or free pdfs uploaded, but what is the justice in that. This results in the crazy hundred-dollar costs for semesters. I have spent over $100 on one book to simply rent. Often, these books are also far less helpful than the ones written for freshman classes. So, the blow to your wallet is far more painful.

  4. 4. Free Food

    There are so many events for freshman to make them feel comfortable and involved. Lots of these involve food as an incentive. Freshman are always down for free food as dining halls lose their luster quickly and many can't cook in dorms. However, free food is also a key draw for upperclassman as once they get out on their own, the ease of dining halls is greatly missed. Long days of classes, studying, and club events only to have to come back and cook can make that free Canes at a meeting or free pizza at a university event much more appealing.

Freshman and seniors can be more similar than people think. However, those three years create quite an impact. Though spotting a freshman can be easy, often times a senior is right there next to them speed walking or in line for free stuff.