Five Ways to Spend Spring Break in Nebraska


Not everyone has the motivation and budget to plan elaborate spring break plans months in advance. For many college students, it is sneaking up fast. And procrastinators want to have fun too. Nebraska college students can have fun staying in-state for spring break. Every city has great attractions and activities, but we don’t always get to enjoy them between work and school. Here are some ideas for Nebraskans to do on spring break


1. Henry Doorly Zoo

Nebraska has the world’s number one zoo, which is an awesome way to spend a day (or two considering the size of the zoo). There are always new exhibits and animals to visit at the zoo.


2. Enjoy the city

Downtown Lincoln and Omaha boast amazing and unique shops, bars, and restaurants. These cities have amazing nightlife that students don’t always get to take advantage of. Spend some days or evenings exploring the unique shops and restaurants around town.


3. State Parks and Recreation Areas

Nebraska also has several state parks and recreation areas, such as Mahoney State Park, that have activities no matter what the weather is doing. You can spend your week staying at a cabin, hiking, skating, biking, seeing a play, etc.


4. Museums

There are tons of great museums on and near campus. There are a couple of art museums on UNL campus and we have the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. Morrill Hall recently opened a new floor of exhibits, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should spend some time there over break.


5. Photoshoot with friends

It’s finally Spring! Pull out your favorite spring clothes (or buy new ones). Put together some great outfits, and have a day with your friends taking pictures and having a good time.