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Everyone loves to get Naked

The latest trend these days is to drink trendy beverages like Naked and Bolthouse Farms health drinks. In an attempt to be more healthy, people swap out an unhealthy beverage or even an entire meal for one of these nutrition drinks. However, there is also some controversy surrounding these beverages as people begin to call into question the claims companies are making to advertise these products. The following is a detailed breakdown of these drinks.

1. Naked juice: Naked uses 5 or more types or berries or vegetables in each bottle and also promises an abundance of vitamins and minerals. The fact of the matter is that the vitamins aren’t all there. In addition to this, there is no dietary fiber in any of the drinks. This means you don’t get the feeling of a lasting, full stomach that you want to get from meal replacing drinks. However some bottles can be better than others, as each bottle is targeted toward different and specific dietary needs. Overall, these drinks can be healthy, especially if you choose the right ones. You’ll have to taste each one to find your favorite (I recommend the green machine), but below is a photo of the best Naked juice flavors out there.

2. Bolthouse Farms: These drinks are the lesser known but healthier option when you want a fruit and veggie drink. They use all natural ingredients and this is guaranteed. The sweet taste of this drink is all from the naturally occurring sugars in the fruit. This drink can work as a replacement for some meals as it does contain dietary fiber. Each bottle also has the ingredients listed right on the label so you know exactly what you’re getting.

3. V8 Fusion: This drink can be healthy as it has fewer calories than most. However, what it lacks in calories it makes up in sugar, sodium, and fiber. It should not be used as a substitute for anything because of these factors. It also is debatable as to whether or not it actually contains real fruit and vegetables. The plain tomato juice can be a better option because it actually is what it says in terms of ingredients. It is still very high in sodium and the taste isn’t anything to crave. V8 used to be a big trend but now it is dying down and this is most likely a good thing for health nuts.

4. Odwalla: When it comes to making the claim of health these drinks really could be healthy based on ingredients. They try to keep it simple and minimal which can be very beneficial. You can most likely read and understand all of the items on the label and there are not many additional ingredients. However, Odwalla does have a high amount of sugar in certain drinks. This is added sugar and is not natural from the ingredients. There was also an incident in the past with an E. coli outbreak so the company had to switch to a different method of pasteurization. This method is actually better than most at maintaining the flavor of ingredients but still requires the addition of sugar.

All-in-all, these drinks can be healthy but they probably shouldn’t replace your meals on a regular basis. Mixing it up would be the best option for the average person. Making your own smoothie every morning is probably the best option, but most people don’t have time for that so these become the next best thing. Take away this information and do some additional research yourself and choose with beverage is best for you.


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