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Every College Girl Should Know About This Website

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNL chapter.


I discovered thriftbooks.com this summer, and I am so glad I did. It is now bookmarked on my computer. Every college students and book lover needs to know about it. They are an online used bookstore. They also have new books and collector’s books. They even have textbooks.

Thriftbooks has almost every book for super cheap. You can get most of their regular books are 3.79. I’ve gotten most of my books from there for under 4.00 per book! That’s crazy cheap! Prices vary by books and condition. They always have deals going on. I got a ton of “deal books” this summer and some of them were only 3.00 each! They often have percent off deals as well. They also have a rewards program (I’m a sucker for rewards programs)! The first tier is 8 points for every dollar you spend, and after 500 points you get a free book! Plus, They have free shipping on orders over $10.00, which is usually about three books depending on the book and condition.

I think every college girl could and should buy their books at Thriftbooks. I will be completely transparent and share the few drawbacks. The shipping isn’t very fast. It takes between one and two weeks usually. So keep that in mind when you’re ordering, especially books for class. They have almost every book, but sometimes they do run out or don’t have the most recent edition of textbooks.

Just to illustrate the amazing savings you can have using Thriftbooks, I’ll share my most recent order. I bought nine books required for a political theory course. Nine books for one course seemed excessive, but I don’t even care because I saved so much money. If I had bought all of the books used from the university bookstore it would have been $71.00. But I bought all of them used from Thriftbooks for $31.14. That is a ton of savings! 

You don’t have to overspend on textbooks or any other book. College is expensive enough already. Keep on reading. Keep on saving.

Halie is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Economics. She likes to spend her time watching Netflix documentaries, following politics, and hanging out with her cat Luna. This is her third year writing for UNL Her Campus and her second year as the Campus Correspondent for the chapter.