Essential (and Cheap!) Hair Products You Need to Try

Hair is a weird thing. There are so many various types that require unique methods of care, and we are here to suggest products that might work for you. We are pictured below (Sylvia on the left and Liz on the right) with two distinct hair textures: thick and curly, and long with waves. We both chose a shampoo/conditioner along with a styling product that have worked wonders for us!

1. OGX Hair Care: Niacin & Caffeine Shampoo + Conditioner ($11.53 together – Walmart)

If you have hair like mine, you probably have noticed your shower drains clog up fast and you’re shedding everywhere you go. This shampoo and conditioner worked instantly for me. I noticed less fallout the very first time I used it, and my hair feels healthier after just one week of using it. – Liz

2. Renpure Solutions: Rosemary Mint Cleansing Conditioner ($7.99 – Target)

This conditioner was game-changing for me. Let me start out by saying that it is not easy to find hair products that will work with my hair. Usually it seems like my hair becomes immune to a conditioner before the bottle is even empty, but I am already planning on repurchasing this brand. I have read so many articles about just cutting shampoo out of my curly-haired life because it ends up drying everything out and causing bad build-up. I’ve always felt a little weird about that, and so this is the perfect solution for me! It combines the cleansing factor of shampoo with the necessary moisturizing qualities I need for my hair type. –Sylvia

3. HASK: Keratin Protein Smoothing Shine Oil ($1.99 – Target)

I have to shampoo my hair every day, otherwise my roots will get oily which I can’t stand. My everyday shampooing, while necessary, causes the rest of my hair to dry out and frizz. That’s where this miracle product comes in. You take a coin size amount and apply the oil from the base of your hair to the ends, avoiding the roots. It adds so much shine, moisture and life to my hair, and it smells great. I’ve had the same tiny bottle (5/8 fluid oz) for about a month and I still have more than half of the bottle left. It is definitely worth the two dollars if regular conditioner isn’t cutting it for you anymore.


4.Garnier Fructis: Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioner ($2.96 – Walmart)

I spent quite a few years desperately searching for a good styling product for my hair. I shelled out bookoo bucks for the salon-type products that claimed they would be exactly what I needed. I would always get the same result, though: visibly crunchy curls that ended up frizzy by the end of the day anyway. On a desperate-I-can’t-afford-these-things-anymore type of whim I grabbed this product off of the shelf, and I have been using it daily for at least 3 years. I just put a dollop in my hand and run it through my hair with my fingers. It doesn’t leave any crunch, and it keeps my hair looking controlled all day long.


We love these products, and we hope you will too!