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Enhance Your Sweater Weather Style!

The cool autumn crispness is officially in the air, which means it’s time to bust out your warm sweaters! Before you go reaching for the leggings and boots, why not try a new way to style your sweater look? Listed below are some tips to revamp your sweater game.



1.       Layer it up! Try wearing your sweater over a flowy or flared dress instead of a skirt. It gives you extra layers for warmth and looks incredibly chic. Pair this look with some rustic jewelry to achieve a girly boho vibe. Booties are also crazy in for the fall, try selecting them over the knee-high boot to broaden your style horizons.

2.       Keep It Simple. The minimalist look will always look super fresh and cool. Go for a monochromatic palate for this outfit and don’t be afraid to wear sneakers! Also, a fitted jacket or blazer on top will take things to a whole other level of chic.

3.       Go Retro! Embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn and bust out some high-waisted pants or black jeans and pair it with a simple striped sweater. Add a red-lip for a pop of color and some metallic flats for a hint of glam.

4.       Look Pretty in Prep! Layer a collared shirt under a sweater to add a little prep and sophistication to the look. Also, don’t be hesitant to pull out a pair of shorts in the fall. Just wear a pair of tights underneath to help keep your legs warm. This style embodies Zooey Deschanel and who doesn’t want to look as cute as her? 

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