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Dorm Decorations


If you are a festive individual and enjoy decorating your door, room, or dorm then I may have some cool Halloween decoration ideas for you! A neat and simple idea for a door decoration is a mummified front door to your dorm room or suite. You take a couple of rolls of toilet paper, wrap it all around your door, cut up some black construction paper along with a cut out pair of eyes and place them towards the top of the door in order to give off that mummy appearance. If you would like decorate your room but also keep it simple and low-key, you could buy black and orange garland and tape it around the borders of your room. You can also add a few miniature carved pumpkins perhaps to your desk or shelving. Along with the cute miniature pumpkins you could also cut out a few paper bats and tape them or hang them sporadically around the room. Something that I think would be cool to do is to take black or dark purple netting material and to drape it across your ceiling and underneath the lighting fixture in order to give your room that mysterious Halloween vibe! 

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