Destination: Destinations

A solid study space can make all the difference between a successful semester and a stressful one. Equipped with a quiet, reliable area to work in, students can stay on top of all their responsibilities and effectively eliminate anxiety and stress about their courses. Luckily for us Lincoln students, Destinations Coffee House can provide this much-needed study space--less than five minutes from City Campus!

As you walk up to the front doors, the first things you’ll probably notice are the garage doors across the front of the building. This architectural oddity (at least for a coffee house) paired with the occasional train passing by helps give Destinations an urban, yet small town feel.

As you open the door, you’re greeted with that pleasant coffee-house aroma that we all know and not-so-secretly love. Music plays softly in the background, ranging from the Once: The Musical soundtrack to "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". A book club of young women sit at a table sipping their beverages and excitedly discussing their book. All around them, college students are spread out across the numerous tables and comfortable-looking chairs that fill the room.

Despite all of the activity, however, the peaceful music is still audible and people can still hear themselves think while studying or hear their conversation partner across the table. For those looking for an area with less distractions, there is a bar-top area facing a brick wall that would be a wonderful place to sit and work. With the Wi-Fi password (the internet here is actually reliable!) displayed in the main area, Destinations has everything that a college student could need to have a productive study block.

Once you’re all settled in to your workspace and it is time to order a drink, the chalk-designed menu is displayed behind the counter for your perusal. While I am not a coffee-drinker myself, I can personally attest that their strawberry smoothie will not disappoint. As an added bonus, the Destinations website advertises that your first drink will be on the house—as long as you let them know it’s your first time, of course.

Destinations’ convenient 7am-10pm weekday hours along with the laid-back atmosphere make it the perfect place to add in to your study schedule to break up the long library sessions. If you happen to fall in love with this cute coffee house, you can even get your own Destinations shirt!

Be sure to stop in to Destinations at 1345 New Hampshire Street, just north of campus, and check them out on Twitter (@UNLDestinations) or Facebook (@DestinationsCoffeehouse)!