Campus Celebrity: Julia Sullivan

Julia Sullivan, a sophomore transfer with a disability of not having both arms or legs, found herself in Lincoln having the time of her life as a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is from Aurora, Nebraska, only a quick hour drive away from campus and is loving life being a Husker fan. She originally went to St. Benedictine College, located in Kansas, however, wanted to be closer to home. UNL spoke out to her because she wanted to be apart of a bigger school with more opportunities and enjoyed the exciting atmosphere that UNL has to offer. She is a global studies and Spanish major here and has great plans for her future. With her major she is looking into becoming a foreign service officer, working in a consulate in various countries. She also finds herself becoming a diplomat. 

Tell me about your condition: I was born without arms or legs but they don’t really know why. I’ve just always grown up learning how to do things my own way even if its different than everybody else.

What about your daily routine: I have care givers that come help me in the mornings and nights and sometimes in the middle of the day. But other than that I drive my wheelchair to class.I just learned how to do things on my own. I am in a sorority so I do things with them and I try to be involved in activities. 

how long did it take for you to live with your disability/ your struggles that you have to deal with: I’ve just always lived with it. It would be harder for someone who have lost their limbs. So I’ve just learned to accept that I was born this way and that I need to do different things and I just try to be the best “me” that I can. As for struggles, not in particular but my sister and brother have taught me how to do a lot of things like climb stairs. I was also able to participate in band. I played percussion by attaching the sticks to my arms with elastic to wrap so they would stay on. I also learned how to drive a van this summer. I have a van with a joystick with a touch pad but I’m still practicing. 

You mentioned you were in a sorority. Tell me about your experience so far: I’m in Alpha Delta Pi. My brother was in a fraternity and I saw how he grew as a person and that he could meet people with similar interests as him and he met his friends for life. I wanted that for me and I wanted to be apart of a strong sisterhood. 

Do you have any words of advice worried about how they look and fitting in: Everybody should feel free to be who they are in college because its a way to make yourself be whoever you want to be or whoever you are. You’ll find people that will like you and it doesn’t really matter.

What are your plans to give awareness to breast cancer this month: I will be wearing pink and participating in any activities that would help towards the cause. 

Do you know anyone that has been affected by any time of cancer: Not breast cancer particularly but I’ve known people with cancer. My brother-in-law’s dad had cancer and died and there has been a couple of people in my high school that have died with cancer so I think its important to find a cure.