Campus Celebrity: Alan Davis

Alan Davis has big dreams ahead of him, and he is taking the planned steps to achieve them. Alan, a sophomore from Elkhorn, Nebraska means business when it comes to getting involved here at UNL. Some organizations that Davis is a part of include, Beta Theta Pi, the CBA Honors Academy, CBA Honors Academy Executive Council, Honors Ambassadors, Big Red Investment Club, Honors Peer Mentors, Launch Leadership, CBA Student Advisory Board and the Boy Scouts of America Board of Directors, just to name a few. When asked about the process of selection for getting involved, Alan looks for opportunities that contain professional elements that can help his leadership skills grow and that can make an impact on the university.


As mentioned from above, Alan is a member of the Big Red Investment Club here at UNL. This club revolves around the members making smart and calculated choices of stock for the University to invest in. With dreams of becoming an investment banker on Wall Street, Alan is gaining his skills and expertise of working the stock market with an impressive club that UNL offers. Investment banking is a profession that comes with huge amounts of stress and risk, so I had to ask Alan why the heck he wants to pursue this profession. He replied, "I want a fast pace job where you will always learn new things. Investors and finance professors still don’t know everything they keep learning day after day, also the money doesn’t hurt."


Watch out for this Husker on Wall Street someday!