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Campus Celeb: Catherine Tran

Catherine Tran will be an Early Childhood Education this fall. Like many college students she loves social media. Catherine has a YouTube channel called ForeverCatTran and it consists of videos that relate to fashion, beauty, diy, and lifestyle! “I’ve been trying to do a mix of everything to keep people interested in my channel,” she said in her interview.

From an early age, Catherine has had a love for both photography and fashion from a very early age. Her senior year of high school, she invested in a high quality camera that opened all the doors of HD and she’s been practicing photography ever since then.  Catherine has done senior pictures, family pictures, and maternity shoots. To her, every new client is a learning opportunity. In regards to fashion, Catherine says she grew up with a very girly sense of style and today it has changed to a wide range of styles from girly to grunge. “It’s also fun to be able to experiment and put outfits together to see what works,” said Catherine, “but being in Nebraska I feel like you have to step out of your shell and go for a bold look and just not care if there are people that don’t like what you’re wearing.”

Catherine is an avid fan of popular YouTubers such as LaurDIY, Bethany Mota, Stilababe09, and Michelle Phan who was actually her very first guru she looked up to. Watching other people’s videos insipred her to create her own. Fall 2014 she posted her first video on fall outfit ideas. “I thought it was finally time to step out of my bubble, and go for what I’ve always wanted to do!” she said.

Since then, Catherine’s confidence has grown and she has posted more YouTube videos. She does every step of the video from filming, editing, to creating the actual video and adding the final touches. Every other Sunday and Thursday, Catherine posts a new video. She hopes to one day reach one million subscribers and you can be a part of that million!

Her advice for future YouTube gurus is to just go for it. “Don’t hold back on starting your own channel. I guarantee you that within a few videos you’ll be comfortable and your self confidence in front of the camera will soar. It may be awkward at first because it will seem like you are talking to yourself and/or the camera but that awkard feeling will pass,” said Catherine.

Final words from Catherine: I wanted to thank Gloria and HerCampusUNL for this interview and opportunity to be able to share my perspective on the YouTube community! I love what I do and I know that some others don’t understand why I make videos but, that’s okay. Do what you love, love what you do.
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