The Best Liquid Lipstick Under $5

Liquid lipsticks are a hot trend in make-up right now. I absolutely love the long-lasting formulas of these products. It makes for easy makeup and not having to worry about getting a lipstick beard when you eat food. Yet it seems like you must pay the price to get an A+ liquid formula that does not make your lips feel like a shedding lizard. Until now y’all. What if I told you, that there is a bomb liquid lipstick out there that will cost you less than $5? Yes, this miracle is true, and can be found at most drugstores. Guys, the Wet n Wild Liquid Cat suit Matte lipsticks will have you shook. I have read raving reviews of this product online and have recently purchased and tried them out myself. It was a life changing experience, no that is not a hyperbole for this situation. The formula is super pigmented and comfortable on the lips. It dries down quickly and will last for hours. It seriously out performs some of my $20 liquid lipstick splurges. This makes me question life itself. So, if you have not jumped on this trend yet, or you are a lipstick hoarder (me), I 100% would recommend adding some of these products to your collection. They have a fun color selection as well, which means you don’t have to spend a lot to experiment with different looks. Below is the picture of the color swatches on different skin tones from Wet n Wild's website. 

Here is the link to the Wet n Wild website so you can shop these wonderful lipsticks! Side note: If you have another extra $5 I suggest you get your hands on their highlighters too.