The Best Electives to Add To Your Schedule Next Semester

That time has snuck up on us yet again - fall semester registration. It's easy to get caught up in taking all your major-related classes, but electives count towards your degree, too! Check out these awesome classes to add some variety to your schedule.

1. HORT 471/871: Vines, Wines, and You

Why not learn a little more about wine than the fact it's something you always need in your fridge? Learn about the "origin, botany, historical and cultural significance of the grapevine and related species" in this class. Not only will you get to spend some of your classes tasting wine, but you'll also finally be able to act as a wine snob due to the intensity of the class.

2. Recreation Credit Classes

Wanna learn how to scuba dive, rock climb, or fence? UNL offers tons of recreation classes that you can earn for credit. These will hold you accountable for accomplishing your goal of learning something new. Most of the classes feature a field outing, as well. Check out all your options here

3. NUTR 131: The Science of Food

If you're curious about what exactly you eat on a daily basis, this class might be for you. Learn about how food goes from a farm to being broken down into nutrients inside of you. You'll also get to discuss controversial issues surrounding food, like additives. Maybe this class will help you make smarter decisions at the grocery store. 

4. HIST 336: Saints, Witches, and Madwomen

All you really need to be intrigued by this class is the title. Explore how women were labeled throughout history as witches, madwomen, or insane. 

5. ENGL 202A: Introduction to Poetry

If Milk and Honey is your favorite book, you'll like this class. It's designed to teach you the enjoyment of poetry as a genre as well as how to read poems and analyze them. 

6. ENTO 109: Beekeeping

With the disappearance of our bees, many people have shown interest in how to preserve our bees and stop their elimination from the world as a whole. A beekeeping class like this one could prove incredibly useful in the future! I personally know someone who has an apiary in their backyard and produces their own honey. That could be you in a few years. Plus, if you're scared of bees this could help you overcome your fear. 

7. CERM 131: Ceramics for Non-majors 

If you have a creative and artistic side (but not quite artistic enough to be an art major!) you can try your hand at this class. I'm not very crafty but I think this class would be a great challenge if you're sick of using a pen and paper and want to use your hands instead.

Hopefully at least one of these classes have sparked your interest. Classes like these may sound can sound like an easy GPA booster, but many of them can be actually quite challenging. Challenge yourself to learn something new that interests you!