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Animal Cams to Watch and Relieve Stress

Have you ever been studying, and gotten to the point where you cannot think anymore? You’re not processing what you’re reading any longer, and your equations just don’t make sense anymore. This is a sign of burnout, and it means you have to take a break, breath and keep going once you have had some rest. There are many ways to destress in the middle of midterms, but have you ever thought of watching live streams from zoos and rescue centers? What better way to spend this time than to watch cure animals?

Here are just a few to introduce you to the world on animal cams.

Rescue Kitten Cam

Feel like watching some cute kittens? Click here and I’ll take you to the kittens!

Puppies Cam

Are you more of a dog person? Then click here to see some puppies! 

Panda Cam

Pandas are just adorable! Click here for some pandas. 

Penguin Cam

I could personally watch penguins all day. The fact that these zoo live streams exist is a danger for me. Click here to see some penguins.

Giraffe/African Plains Habitat Cam

The San Diego Zoo advertises this camera as a giraffe cam, but it actually tracks all of the animal’s movement in the African plains habitat, so there may or may not be a giraffe when you tune in. Regardless, I was watching the stream for a few minutes and I did catch a few glances of giraffes. They are very majestic! Click here to watch them.  

Elephants Cam

Elephants are personally my favorite animal. They are super gentle, smart, and beautiful. Watch the Houston Zoo elephant yard here

Sea Otters Cam

Otters are super cute and social! Watch them swim at the Seattle Aquarium here.

Is your favorite animal not on this list? Do not feel discouraged! There are many animal live streams you can look for! Unfortunately, some times the animals may not be within the range of the camera, but if you look for other cams you will get a chance to see other cute animals. Have fun and good luck for the rest of the semester!

Karen Sotelo is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Art. She spent her childhood in Mexico but immigrated to South Texas and has been living in the U.S. since 2011. She has worked in a research lab since her freshman year, and it is part of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Aerospace Club at UNL. In her spare time, she likes to draw and paint, thrift shop, dance cumbias, and play videogames with her younger brother.
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