Amazing Conservative Women

Women are changing the world of politics. Here are three amazing conservative women who are making a difference:


  1. Kassy Dillon

Kassy Dillon is a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke College, an all women's school. During her time there, she helped to create a student-run conservative news blog called Lone Conservative. Its goal is to connect students and give right-leaning college students a voice on increasingly left-leaning campuses. She has also studied abroad in Israel and promotes pro-Israel ideas. After graduating from college, she joined the Daily Wire team, where she currently works. She is promoting conservative ideas, cross-partisan civil debate, and often posts about her new puppy Barbara.

Dillon is an amazing conservative woman who will surely bring great discussion for years to come. Her focus on bringing the new conservative generation together will be essential to the future of conservatism and the Republican party. Lone Conservative is an important tool for ideological diversity on college campuses. Kassy is a growing force for politics.


  1. Antonia Okafor

The fierce Antonia Okafor is a major advocate for conservatism. As a black woman, she is showing the conservative movement isn’t restricted to one race, gender, or age. She is an advocate of campus carry rights. She founded EmPOWERed, which advocates for women, especially minority women, to exercise their second amendment rights. She focuses on responsible gun ownership and how exercising this right, especially on campuses can make women safer and stronger.  She also competes in pageants and is recently engaged!

Okafor believes that bearing arms can help women be strong, be safe, and be empowered. Her voice in the second amendment debate is crucial in today’s climate when our rights are being put at stake. Antonia is showing that black women can be strong, beautiful, influential, and conservative.


  1. Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley served as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations (2017-2018). Prior to this role, she served as a representative in South Carolina’s House and as South Carolina’s Governor. Haley’s parents are Indian American immigrants. She is a strong Republican who supports pro-life issues, lower taxes, immigration enforcement, school choice, Israel, and voter ID laws.

Many speculate and many hope she will run for the presidency in coming elections. She is among the top contenders to become the first female president. Reaching toward the top of American politics, Haley is sure to be a fierce force in the coming years for American politics and conservatism.


There are so many influential conservative women in American politics today. They don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Some prefer to pretend there are no strong women in the conservative movement, but that’s far from the truth. Conservative women are here to make a difference and here for the long-haul. Keep your eye out for these three women and many more because they are accomplishing great things.