Allyson Pietrok (henceforth known as Ally P) is a little difficult to find, but is worth the search. She can be found in places like the University Program Council office where she will be most likely quietly screaming at other council members, the library, her apartment listening to Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons, or Goodwill hoping to add another rad pair of 80’s stretch stirrup pants to her closet. If these clues don’t help simply listen for someone to shout “Tru Chainz” and “That’s scary” (regardless of the level of fear).

As a current biological systems engineer with an emphasis in environmental and water resources she has a passion for water systems and sustainability across the globe. Not only is Ally P a current executive member of the University Program Council, and has been since her freshman year, but is also member of Delta Gamma, holds a lab position within the College of Engineering and is apart of various honors societies on campus.

This coming spring Ally P will be embarking on her greatest adventure aboard the MV World Odyssey with Semester at Sea. She will be visiting places such as: Honolulu, Hawaii, Kobe, Japan, Rangoon, Burma, Cape Town, South Africa, and Takoradi, Ghana. While in Ghana Ms. P will be staying with a host family in the village of Torgome where she will have the opportunity to experience and see what she has spent so long learning about, “What I know now about these water systems is so surface level so I’m really excited to finally get to see these problems and issues in person and on a deeper level."  

When asked what she would say to her 16-year-old self Ms. P said, “Stop worrying about grades and how involved you are, school is important, but focus on the experiences that will help you in the future, or honestly, take a gap year if you're able."

Though the World Odyssey may be too small for her big personality at times, we wish her all the best on her world adventure and expect to hear all about her escapades upon her return!