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Abby Ruffer, Fashion Merchanding Major and Dreamer

Abby Ruffer never dared to think that she would go from a ‘Britney Spears’ look-a-like performer as a child in her front yard to studying Fashion Merchandising/Marketing at UNL. When asked about fashion and her feelings towards it, she describes fashion as a means to create change and self-expression. She said, “I love how Coco Chanel designed suits for women in the ’20s making them throw away their corsets and crinoline garments. It was a symbolic change to give women a louder voice and create positive change. The same thing happens today with American Apparel’s “Gay Okay” t-shirt line.” She continued by saying, “Fashion has a huge impact on our lives whether we realize it or not when we initially get dressed in the morning.” Now her future goals include working within the fashion industry in the Merchandising or Buying department.


Outside of her passion for the fashion industry, she is also obsessed with yoga. She desires to teach yoga classes one day alongside her career in fashion in her spare time. Outside of fashion and yoga, she also enjoys reading (apart from the required material she has to read in class of course.) The book she recently finished is an amazing book called, “The Solitude of Prime Numbers” and she told me, “I swear I didn’t cry once… no really I actually cried a lot. It’s really quite sad, but it’s so good! Definitely a must read!”


Lastly, when asked of places to vacation at, she told me that she desires to visit Europe for a year and live in different places every few months to absorb the culture experience. Also, among places to travel on her bucket list include Rapa Nui, Argentina and Brazil. “I hope to see the Amazon before it is gone.” 

I am from Murray, Nebraska. I am a Fashion Journalism Major and Spanish Minor.
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