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7 Reasons to Watch Hallmark Channel Next Christmas

7 Reasons to Watch Hallmark Channel Next Christmas


  1. They are the most heartwarming movies ever created – I dare you to find one that makes your heart glow more than Matchmaker Santa does.

  2. The plots are easily predictable. No jump-scares in these movies!

  3. They get you in the holiday spirit, no one can watch a hallmark movie and walk away grumpy!

  4. Hallmark Christmas movies are perfect for any sort of multitasking activity-from wrapping presents to studying for finals!

  5. They are perfect wearing pj’s, snuggling a puppy, and drinking some hot cocoa!

  6. You could watch them with your grandma, younger cousin, uncle John, or mom.  They are appropriate for all ages!

  7. If you fall asleep at any point during the movie, you don’t have to worry about missing an important part of the plot!

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