6 New Netflix Series You Should Be Watching

Netflix is pretty much killing the TV-series game right now. If you've finished Stranger Things and are back rewatching episodes of Gossip Girl, check out one of these new series to binge-watch this semester.

1. Easy 

I randomly picked this one night, and then watched five episodes. It portrays love, sex, and relationships in the best way possible - the real way. No cheesiness here! Plus, James Franco stars in it.

2. The Travelers

Although I was skeptical about this one at first, my boyfriend made me watch it, and I got hooked. A group of "travelers" from the future inhibits the bodies of newly passed humans in the present to save the human race. Weird? Yes. Addicting? Definitely. 

3. The OA

If you liked Stranger Things, you would love The OA. A blind girl, Prairie, goes missing and comes back seven years later with her sight back. Nobody knows her story until she makes friends with a group of so-called "misfits." Throughout the episodes, her story is explained and get a look into her very, very interesting past. And then it ends in the worst way possible. A definite must-watch. 

4. Sense 8

One of my friends recommended this, and - like most Netflix series - it gets pretty addicting. In this sci-fi drama, eight strangers from around the globe somehow become connected. Meaning they "sense" each other, both mentally and physically. 

5. The Crown

If you didn't read this article about how great The Crown is, I'll simplify it a bit for you: you get to see behind-the-scene realities of how Queen Elizabeth II transitioned into power after her father's death. If you need some girl-power inspiration, this needs to be on the top of your list. Oh, and you can practice your British accent, too!

6. Black Mirror

Not going to lie, this show messed with my head a little bit. Each episode is completely different, so it's a good one to watch if you're really trying just to watch one episode of something at a time. It makes you think about how the "black mirrors" (hint: smartphone & computer screens) impact our lives in some of the weirdest ways imaginable.

Ready, set, Netflix!