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5 Ways To Get *Artsy* In Lincoln

Everyone has a creative urge every once in a while that just needs to be tended to. Whether your creative outlet be photography, drawing, painting, or even just looking at other great works of art (aka, me) it is always nice to take a brain break from your never ending homework. Here are five fun places in Lincoln to bring out your creative side.

1. Corky Canvas

The combination of wine and painting has become a trend recently, and for good reason. Corky Canvas offers a relaxed enviroment for you and your friends to sip wine while recreating a painting. This sounds like my kind of Friday night. They even offer date night classes to mix up things with your S.O. 2. Art & Soul

Who said that cooking isn’t an art form? Considering how often my dinner gets burnt, I’d say it is. Not only does Art & Soul offer art classes, they also offer cooking classes. We can’t eat Ramen forever, so this could be a great way to expand your cooking knowledge. Some classes coming up include Autumn Cocktails (um, yes please), Easy French Gourmet, and Mexican Fiesta. Sign me up. 3. Sheldon Museum of Art

You don’t even have to leave campus for this one! The Sheldon is an awesome place to go when you have a spare hour between classes. Admission is free, and it is the perfect place to get a quick dose of inspiration before you head back to class. They also have an event the first Friday of each month, called First Friday, which features an artist or exhibit. In November, there will be dancing and music. It’ll be like clubbing, but for the soul. 

4. Paint Yourself Silly

Paint Yourself Silly is probably one of the more simple ways to fire up your creativity. Select a piece of premade pottery, paint it however you please, and then wait for it to be fired in their kiln and pick it up a week later. I’ve always loved making pottery pieces because they are functional – I still have things I painted when I was in grade school. They also offer “Friendy Fridays” where you get a 2-for-1 deal on the price of painting. I hope my boyfriend is down for this. 

5. Explore The Haymarket, University Place, and College View

If you’re into photography, these are some prime places to take a friend for a photoshoot. Then afterward,, you can grab coffee at Mo Java Cafe, chow down on yummy Indian at The Oven, or snack on something sweet at Goldenrod Pastries. This way, you’ll end on a good note no matter what. 

Being creative is so important – and it’s easy to forget that when you’re stressed out about school. Set aside some time to do what makes your brain happy and inspires you – who knows what sort of ideas could stem from it. 

A twenty-year-old international business student with dreams much bigger than my 5'1 self. Slightly obsessed with Germany, Lana Del Rey, and cookie butter. 
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