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5 Reasons to Put Ghosting to Rest

Blocking and unadding people on social media: an effective way to deal with people who won’t leave you alone and a terrible way to end a relationship. This is also popularly referred to as “ghosting” If you google ghosting and you skip past the first “spooky ghost chaser” definition you will find that it is defined as, “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.” So basically, you’re going AWOL. If you ask someone who has been ghosted about the whole experience, you will find their response is usually very heated or quite melancholy. So, without further to do, here are 5 reasons why ghosting should be put to rest.

  1. We live in the age of technology and shouldn’t that mean better communication? My grandma can update her Facebook status every five minutes about something she saw on daytime TV or to tell the world that her kitchen sink is clogged, so why can’t you message your current s/o that you things aren’t working?
  2. There is enough stress in our lives. According to an article posted on Futurity and another on the DBSA website, anxiety affects 7.3 percent of the world population and approximately 14.8 million Americans are affected by depression each year and that’s just the adults. (links) Why give someone another reason to worry about or blame themselves? That person you ghosted, could very well have trusted and relied on you for support. Let’s not add to the statistics.
  3. Everyone is going to know that you are the type of person who ghosts people. You may think you can hide it behind your clever tinder profile and “I’m a good guy/girl” profile pics on Facebook and Instagram, but let’s face it. Lies and facades (and being an awful human being) can only stay on the down-low for so long. You could probably give me half of your name or a rough description of what you look like and I’d be able to find out your whole life story after a few clicks and so could most anyone who is on social media. And if you think you’re being clever by not having social media profiles… first off that is sketchy asf and secondly you can still be found.
  4. Grow a pair. I don’t care if you are a guy or a girl, anyone can have the common decency to end a relationship face to face. People used to fear getting dumped over text. It was the coward’s way out, but a I guess text is probably mighty kind considering some people just vanish from your life instead. Seriously people.
  5. The Golden Rule. Most of us are taught this in school. If you ghost someone and the next person you’re with (who you really like) ghosts you, wouldn’t you be upset? If you said no, you honestly might be a sociopath. As a society, we should have the common courtesy to treat other people well, or at least treat them as well as we would like to be treated.


Ghosting is an awful practice that is ruining dating and relationships for people everywhere, so why even do it? Especially in this age of movements to make life better for everyone. It sure doesn’t make sense to me.

When ghosting finally dies, someone please let me know when the funeral will be held so I can NOT pay my respects.

Agriculture and Environmental Science Communication Major, class of 2021. Passionate about agriculture, writing, and art (of all kinds)!! I pride myself in being a pun aficionado and I love finding good new music!
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