5 Low-Key Study Spots for Finals Week

Finals week is coming up quick. This past week the library was overcrowded with students who were eager to get a start on endless studying. You’ll find that it’s nearly impossible to just walk into the library and find an open seat. Even some of the local coffee shops are maxed out on students working diligently. Don’t give up just quite yet; here are some places you may be able to find some prime study spots.

1. The Stacks

An old favorite, the stacks provide a quieter atmosphere compared to the buzzing of the new commons. You may be able to find a nice nook here, but beware others might have the same idea.

2. Study Rooms

The commons and the different parts of the library offer study rooms that are open to reserve for 2 hours a day. If you pair up with a friend, you could book out a room for 4 hours a day! Make sure to get a head start on reserving spots – they fill up fast!

3. Resident Halls

If you currently live on campus, you’re in luck because you get access to the some of the most secluded study rooms on campus – resident hall study rooms! If you have a friend who doesn’t live on campus and can’t get into the buildings, offer to have them study with you since there’s normally so much space. After all, it’s the season of giving!

4. Restaurants/Bars

Okay, so not the most normal place to study. But these are often nice quiet places during the day and you can actually get a lot done. Just don’t get distracted by the food or drinks.

5. Your Own Space

You often hear that studying from the comfort of your own home/apartment is the best tactic. There are so many things to distract yourself with; cooking, cleaning, watching T.V., ect. It seems almost impossible to able to get any studying done, especially if you have roommates. However, during finals week, you may not have a choice. Set up a very strict study space. Make sure you don’t have a T.V. nearby and block social websites from your laptop so you eliminate the most obvious distractions right away. Stay focused and take small breaks often so you don’t burn out.